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Facts About N.L

Nuevo Leon

  • 4 % of Mexico´s total population (4.6 million inhabitants).
  • Nuevo Leon represents 7.5% of the country´s total GDP, equivalent to $62.3 billion USD (2013).
  • Producer of 7.5% of all of Mexico´s manufactured goods with 9.5 Billion USD.
  • $13, 096 USD Income per capita (2006).
  • The total amount of Nuevo Leon´s exports was 25.91 billion USD in 2013 (5th place by state). 7.9% Mexico overall Exportations.
  • New foreign investment hosted by our state exceeded $1.218 billion USD for the first semester of 2015 that represented 8.9% of the National Total.
  • Nuevo Leon has more than 1,800 foreign companies; 97 of them established in the last two years.
  • Home to 30 Universities, with world-class academic programs.

A State of Progress

“Nuevo Leon welcomes you to the business capital of Mexico. The state’s industrial development dates back to the mid-1800s, when companies producing textiles, beer, steel and other industrial materials were established. In the twentieth century, the strengthening of these industries, along with further diversification into glass, metal mechanics, cement and educational services, helped consolidate the state’s leadership position.”

“Over the past two decades, other dynamic sectors have emerged, including auto parts, food processing, software development and financial services. Today, our well- diversified and modern economy accounts for 11%of Mexico’s total manufacturing output and we are widely recognized for our entrepreneurial culture, elite pool of managerial talent, and business-friendly attitude.”

“More than 1,800 foreign companies are currently established in Nuevo Leon. These companies have added to the many Mexican companies and industrial sectors. Together they have made Nuevo Leon a competitive, progressive state in various areas, including: the automotive industry, household appliances and electronic equipment. These companies are also helping to develop clusters that will characterize Nuevo Leon in the future, including the aerospace industry, software, specialized medical services and biotechnology. All of these factors will encourage our state to shift from a manufacturing-based economy to a knowledge-based economy.”

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share Nuevo Leon’s advantages with your company. We invite you to explore your options within Nuevo Leon, a state of progress”